Dark Reign: The Future of War - HTML5 version
Inspired by C&C - HTML5 v0.5 by Aditya Ravi Shankar I decided to try my hand in recreation of HTML5 version of "Dark Reign: The Future of War", 1998 RTS game by Activision.

Because of lack of free time, it probably will take me a lot of time to complete it, but I'm not in a hurry.
It highly recommend to play it with Chrome browser, because I use it for development and not spend my time for cross-browsing support (at least at that time). However Firefox should also work correctly (not sure about IE).

Version history:

Build 45 (17.01.2015)
  • Quality implementation of the fog of war
  • Added Freedom Guard Units: Raider, Spider Bike (and DoubleRailGun weapon)
  • Added Freedom Guard buildings: Headquarter, Laser Turret
  • Some buildings refactoring
  • Restored Chrome support
  • Added music player randomization
  • Bugfix: disable ability to harvest for other player buildings

Build 44 (13.10.2013)
  • Added level objective text in game menu
  • Add word warp function for text in game objective window
  • First implementation of shroud
  • Added shroud on minimap
  • Added snow sprites for: Headquarter, Water Launch Pad, Taelon Power, Training Facility, Assembly Plant, Plasma Turret, Water Well, Taelon Mine
  • Added new buildings: Civilian Horizontal Bridge, Small Wall 1, Small Wall 2
  • Starting to work on Imperium Level 1 map
  • Map refactoring
  • Different bug fixes

Build 43 (22.08.2013)
  • Fly units can't "stand" above buildings structures
  • Show attack cursor when mouse placed on enemy unit
  • Tactical AI: Attack enemy unit when it moved inside seeing range
  • Tactical AI: Damage tolerance now works
  • Tactical AI: basic actions when unit under attack
  • Tactical AI: Orders implemented: scout & harass
  • Bugfix: weapon location fix when unit teleported
  • Bugfix: bridge construction fixed
  • Bugfix: fixed freighter auto-harvesting
  • Some code refactoring and optimizations

Build 42 (28.06.2013)
  • Units and buildings of other players now colored differently
  • Game basic parameters can be configured throw config object
  • Added damage animation for all units
  • Added units without weapons: Shredder, Hostage Taker, Water Contaminator
  • Added Infiltrator unit (without spy abilities)
  • Bugfix: Fog of war fix during unit teleport
  • Bugfix: Unit couldn't enter invader transport
  • Bugfix: demolishing Temporal gate during charge sate
  • Bugfix: minimap fog error when unit moves near right side
  • Bugfix: Fog drawing function rewritten to allow correct fog display on right and bottom edges
  • Bugfix: do not select unit/building if it positioned under the fog

Build 41 (14.06.2013)
  • Added level select screen
  • Added game archive
  • Game require browser to support WebM video

Build 40 (05.06.2013)
  • Added "Orders" tab to right panel
  • Tactical AI: Cyclone flies to Rearming deck when have no ammo
  • Tactical AI: weapon maximal range check moved to tactical AI
  • Implemented weapon's minimal attack range
  • First implementation of the fog of war
  • Starting this build you can not run game just from local folder, you should set up virtual domain or upload it to remote computer
  • Water display switcher are now clickable
  • Start working on game menu (level select menu)
  • Code refactoring

Build 39 (17.05.2013)
  • Sky Fortress now have correct fire delay and weapon state display
  • Added damage area for all weapons
  • Added persistent damage for S.C.A.R.A.B. weapon
  • Map elements (trees, rocks) now draw dynamically
  • Font class optimizations
  • Bullet and unit movement speed corrected
  • Different bug fixes

Build 38 (09.05.2013)
  • Added music player
  • Added ability to change music volume on right panel (at Menu tab)
  • Added many new units: Invader Troop Transport, Plasma Tank, Amper unit (without weapon), Mobile Air Defense, Recon Drone, Tachion Tank, S.C.A.R.A.B., Cyclone, Sky Fortress
  • Added ability for Cyclone to rearm in Rearming Deck
  • Added shadows to all units that still not had it
  • Added unit generation in progress sound
  • Unit rotation function significantly improved
  • Code refactoring
  • Different bug fixes

Build 37 (01.05.2013)
  • Added Rearming Deck building
  • Added Rift Creator building (without weapon)
  • Added Bridge Junction, last building for Imperium side
  • Unit class changed to support multiple parts
  • Added first multipart unit: Hover Freighter
  • Added Scout Runner unit & Laser Cannon weapon
  • Bullet animation fixed for all units
  • Added ability to scroll construction menu on right panel
  • Small map corrections
  • Added "Menu" tab on right panel
  • Added ability to change game sounds volume (other settings still have no effect)
  • Some code refactoring

Build 36 (20.04.2013)
  • Added Air Defense Site building & weapon
  • Added Repair Station & added ability to fix non human units
  • Added Civilian Vertical Bridge
  • Player start position now defined in map settings
  • Added Temporal Gate building and 3 related mouse cursors
  • Added ability to teleport units through Temporal Gate
  • Game grid changed, now it works as in original game
  • Added ability to create tactical groups (hold Ctrl button and press 0-9 button)
  • Different bugfixes

Build 35 (13.04.2013)
  • Minimap not available if player have low energy
  • Added Exterminator unit and PolyAcid weapon
  • Unit sound system now have much flexible structure
  • Added "Hover" movement mode
  • Added Vertical Bridge
  • Added damage explosions for all buildings
  • Added sound for building explosion
  • Very big code changes. Completely changed weapon system and animation system

Build 34 (21.03.2013)
  • Changed the way building are constructed and sold. Now it's works exactly as in original game
  • Added broken state for all buildings
  • Added ability to fix buildings
  • Unit heal speed corrected
  • Added ability to create building with weapon
  • Added Plasma Turret building & GatPlasma weapon
  • Added Neutron Accelerator building & NeutronAss weapon

Build 33 (12.03.2013)
  • Added Bion unit & Plasma Rifle weapon
  • Fixed building upgrade bug
  • Destroyed building leaves crater on land
  • Building of Camera tower and bridges now not require Construction Rig destruction
  • All bridge problems are solved
  • Complete recreation of unit producing system
  • Different small bugs fixed

Build 32 (06.03.2013)
  • Units now can die and buildings now can be destroyed
  • Added explosion effects for existing units
  • Few attacking bugs fixed
  • Field Hospital now can heal units

Build 31 (26.02.2013)
  • Added mouse panning. It disabled by default, in order to enable it, go to "Special" tab
  • Shooting sound optimizations
  • Big structural change in unit object class
  • Construction Rig don't need to move to the middle of the building site to start building
  • Attacking unit can pursue it's target
  • Pathfinding algorithm improved, units now can find alternative position to move if target position is occupied by another unit
  • Weapons finally cause damage. (Units still can't be killed)

Build 30 (20.02.2013)
  • Removed div selection when clicking many time on unit box on right panel
  • Ability to pause game, by pressing P key.
  • Added dialog module, when game paused corresponding dialog is appeared

Build 29 (12.02.2013)
  • Added shadow for all buildings
  • Added shadow for units. Unfortunately can't find shadow image for Freighter, for now it will be without shadow.
  • Added healing cursor
  • Added damage table. Preparing for weapon implementation.
  • Added small horizontal bridge building. Still can't correctly build it, some improvements required for pathfinding algorithm.
  • Small code optimizations

Build 28 (06.02.2013)
  • Preloading right panel images for buildings and units
  • Do not start game load until start screen is loaded completely
  • Added animation to Advanced Training Facility building
  • Added Field Hospital building (it still can't heal)
  • Added shadow layer to graphic drawer
  • Added shadows for all Headquarter buildings

Build 27 (24.12.2012)
  • Freighter automatically choose only nearest objects
  • Energy indicator blinking implemented by CSS animation
  • Added water indicator
  • You can urgently sell water by clicking on indicator
  • When selecting construction rig right panel automatically switch to build section

Build 26 (11.12.2012)
  • Freighter now can harvest
  • Removed Freighter sounds, because they same as Guardian sounds
  • Added water sell sound and water sell effect
  • Added debug option that allows to see game speed and FPS

Build 25 (10.12.2012)
  • Added "Advanced Assembly Plant" building
  • Added "Freighter" unit (it still can't harvest)
  • Power generator & Water launch pad now constructed with one Freighter unit
  • Added "Headquarter 3" building
  • Added harvesting cursor

Build 24 (04.12.2012)
  • Changed interface cursor
  • Units marked blue on right panel when selected building can't produce that unit
  • Added "Headquarter 2" building
  • Added ability to upgrade buildings
  • Added "Advanced Training Facility" building
  • Guardian now can shoot (Only in test mode, many things are still not implemented)
  • Attack volume changing depends on how far your viewport is placed

Build 23 (27.11.2012)
  • Added neutral player
  • Added neutral objects: Water well, Taelon mine
  • Selection colors are changing depending on player belonging
  • Added Insufficient credits sound

Build 22 (26.11.2012)
  • Added unit producing indicator on right panel. It not looks like an original one, but very similar.
  • Added "Guardian" unit
  • Added ability to demolish buildings
  • Many selection fixes
  • Showing units on mini-map
  • Added repair mouse pointer
  • Added "attack mode". Can be enabled by pressing A button or attack icon on top menu. Weapon still not implemented.
  • Added debug options in "Special" tab

Build 21 (18.11.2012)
  • New object drawing engine, that allows to draw units & building by layers
  • New map cell structure that allows to place different types of units in single cell
  • Producing "Construction Rig"
    Known problems: 1) Where is still no good algorithm for finding exit point. Sometimes units are stuck in buildings. 2) There is no progress indicator on right bar.
  • Added "Critical power" sound notification
  • A lot of different bug fixes & structure changes
  • Added sound notification queue
  • Added "Training Facility" building
  • Added "Assembly Plant" building

Build 20 (12.11.2012)
  • More correct way to check building position
  • Added energy indicator
  • Added "Low power" sound notification, when power is too low
  • Added "Taelon Power Generator" building (without Freighter). It is first animated building.
  • Added addition Construction Rig to map
  • Bugfix: Building selection when map view moved from top left corner

Build 19 (07.11.2012)
  • Improved popup for units on building panel, now it shows required buildings too
  • Added "Water Launch Pad" building (without Freighter)

Build 18 (06.11.2012)
  • Added building and unit name when mouseover the object
  • Added popup for units on building panel

Build 17 (05.11.2012)
  • Some building-based code optimizations
  • Added new building: Camera Tower

Build 16 (18.10.2012)
  • Finally added ability to build Headquarter, but still no option to produce new units
  • Project source code moved to GitHub

Build 15 (13.09.2012)
  • Added ability to select building and choose place to build. But actually still no way to build it

Build 14 (11.09.2012)
  • Interface stop button now working
  • Implemented "Can't move there" mouse cursor
  • Implemented "Sell building" & "Power building" cursor and interface buttons
  • View building options on right panel when selecting single Construction Rig
  • Added some preparations for first building

Build 13 (04.09.2012)
  • First implementation of pathfinding algorithm
  • Units can avoid impact when moving toward each other
  • Bridges, Crystal & water resources added to test level
  • Implemented multi-select feature
  • When press keyboard "S" button selected unit stop movement
  • Improved unit selection drawing
  • Draw unit health on mouseover

Build 12 (01.09.2012)
  • Added Firefox support
  • Added browser support check
  • All cursors merged in to one sprite
  • Added unit move sounds

Build 11 (31.08.2012)
  • Added unit select & move cursors
  • Testing unit movment animation (still no implementation of pathfinding algorithm)
  • Some small code improvments

Build 10 (28.08.2012)
  • Improved & optimized unit sprites and interface images
  • Added few missing elements in right panel
  • First test of replacing default cursor by custom one
  • Key event handling optimizations
  • Improved resource preloader
  • Added unit sounds support
  • Using tiles to build map image instead of loading one big image

Build 9 (25.08.2012)
  • Creating this page
  • Added loading screen & progress bar

Build 8 (24.08.2012)
  • Added money showing & change animation

Build 7 (21.08.2012)
  • Added available construction units on right panel

Build 6 (21.08.2012)
  • Unit selection & health showing
  • Testing of sprite animation (when selecting unit)

Build 5 (20.08.2012)
  • Added support of objects
  • Synchronization of map layer and objects layer

Build 4 (19.08.2012)
  • Improved map scrolling by keyboard
  • View rectangle on minimap
  • Scrolling map from minimap

Build 3 (18.08.2012)
  • Scrolling map by arrow keys
  • Added minimap
  • Minimized map image to 1.9 Mb

Build 2 (15.08.2012)
  • Showing map in main window
  • Map loaded as png image 5Mb (!)
  • For test purposes I use original 2jungle map

Build 1 (14.08.2012)
  • Created interface

Despite the fact that I have a big experience in programming I never worked on RTS games or something similar, thus I will be happy for any help from more experienced people, no matter if it coding help or just a suggestion.

This is open source project. You can take a look or download project's code on GitHub.

Feel free to contact me for any questions.

Things that I plan to implement soon:
  • Start working on unit Tactical AI

You can donate to support development of the game