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Numista userscript

What it does?

- Adds two filter options to search form. 1) Hide silver coins, 2) Hide gold coins
- Adds zebra coloring to user's exchange list and coin's years list.
- Ability to get quick coin info (rarety index + precious metal warning) on exchange page
Some more functions may be added in future

How to install?

First you need install some plug-in for your browser that will give you ability to use userscripts.
For Chrome my suggest is: Tampermonkey
For Firefox my suggest is: Greasemonkey

I don't know how to use userscripts in other browsers like Internet Explorer.

Once you had installed required plug-in, refresh that page (F5) and then click "Install Numista userscript" button below.

Current limitations

- Currently new filters are work only in English version of Numista

Last update on:

Latest version: 0.5.1 (15.10.2017)

Have a question?

Contact me on Numista if you have any questions.